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उत्तरतंत्रम् - द्विचत्वारिंशः पटलः

आनंदभैरव आणि आनंदभैरवी यांच्यातील संवाद म्हणजेच रूद्रयामल, यात कुण्डलिनीला महाशक्ति मानले आहे. हा तंत्रशास्त्रातील अद्‍भूत ग्रंथ आहे.

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  • An ācārya, who was the high priest of King Asamāti. Once the King removed the priest from his job and appointed two priests, Kirāta and Ākuli in his stead, and after some time, the new priests, at the instance of the King, killed Subandhu. But, three brothers of his joined together and brought Subandhu back to life again by chanting hymns from the Vedas. [Ṛgveda 10, 57. 60]; Bṛhaddevatā. 7. 33. 

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