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विश्वकर्मप्रकाशः - पञ्चमोऽध्यायः

विश्वकर्मप्रकाशः - पञ्चमोऽध्यायः

देवताओंके शिल्पी विश्वकर्माने, देवगणोंके निवासके लिए जो वास्तुशास्त्र रचा, ये वही ’ विश्वकर्मप्रकाश ’ वास्तुशास्त्र है ।

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  • A Devī who was relieved of her curse by a hard stroke of his hand by Hanūmān. 1). How she came to Laṅkā. Laṅkālakṣmī was Vijayalakṣmī in her previous birth. She was the watch-girl of the treasury of Brahmā and one day finding her negligent of her duties Brahmā cursed her “Go to the earth and be the watch-girl of the palace-gate tower of Rāvaṇa”. She begged for relief and Brahmā said, “During the incarnation of Viṣṇu as Rāma his wife Sītā will be carried away by Rāvaṇa and Hanūmān will come in search of her to Laṅkā. You will then block the way of that mightly monkey and he will then strike you down by a fierce blow of his hand. You will be then released from the curse and come back to me.” Vijayalakṣmī accordingly was born in Laṅkā and became the watch-girl of Rāvaṇa's palace.
    2) Release from the curse.
    Hanūmān coming to Laṅkā in search of Sītā tried to find an opening through which to enter Laṅkā. Then he saw a huge tower-gate on the northern side of the mountain Suvelagiri. When he reached the gate he found it closed. The mighty monkey beat hard on the door and the strong door burst into two and fell on to the floor. Instantly a ferocious woman of enormous size rushed to the gate with a piercing roar and blocked it. Hanūmān found the situation dangerous and so gave her a powerful blow and felled her. She then very politely asked Hanūmān who he was and Hanūmān revealed his identity and told her the purpose of his visit. Lankālakṣmī then took leave of Hanūmān and leaving Laṅkā went to Śrī Rāma and worshipped him. Rāma blessed her and she returned to Satyaloka and started doing her duties as before. [Sundara Kāṇḍa, Kamba Rāmāyaṇa].

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कोणत्याही पूजेसाठी गणपती म्हणून चिकणी सुपारीला महत्व आहे, मग बाकीच्यांना कां नाही?
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