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सार्थ श्रीएकनाथी भागवत - अध्याय नववा

सार्थ श्रीएकनाथी भागवत - अध्याय नववा

नाथमहाराजांचा हा प्रासादिक ग्रंथ परमपूज्य असल्याने यावर भक्तजनांची आदरबुद्धी आहे.

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  • A place of Purāṇic celebrity situated in the north-west of Bhārata. Even from ancient times this was an educational and cultural centre. From the descriptions of the Chinese traveller Huen Tsang it is found that Nalandā and Takṣaśilā were two great universities before Christ. The famous Sarpasatra of Janamejaya was conducted at this place situated on the banks of the river Vitastā. The story of Mahābhārata was first told at this place and at the end of the narration Brahmins were given gifts. [Chapters 3 and 5, Ādi Parva]. 

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