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Dasbodh is a religious book written by Samarth Ramdas Swami, a Hindu saint during 17th century AD.

As per Hindu spirituality, one gets a human life after going through many incarnations of various other creatures, and possibly after hundreds of years. Dasbodh guides one to utilise the rare opportunity of the human life to live life meaningfully and pursue the purpose of human life. It explains multiple facets of this world and the variety of life in it. The scripture guides man to follow the path of devotion to God. The path prescribed by the author is called bhakti marg, meaning devotional way to reach God. It is claimed that, this path is the sure method to achieve true self-realisation.

Dasbodh is a guide for meaningful living by human form of guides one to utilise this rare opportunity to employ his living between birth and death meaningfully and achieve the mission of human life. It explains multiple facets of this world and variety of creatures and guides the man to follow the path of Devotion to the God which is called as BHAKTI MARG . a sure method to achieve self realisation and realisation of True Self.

It answers fundamental question WHO AM I / by demonstrating that HE IS I and advises the man to enjoy the bliss of Great Joy of experiencing the meeting of "human life ' and universal life. the life force "within" and "life force " every where. Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami, opened up the revelation , he got by self experience for benefit of Devotees! It gives full guidance to achieve salvation and liberation. It propogates the concept of Unity of Man and God and teaches the way for "incomplete man and to travel towards Complete whole Supreme Being and eventually merge with Supreme.

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  • वि. ( कु . कों . ) त्रास देणारा ; छळणारा ( मूळ , जनावर , आजारी माणूस , इ० ). जाचंद - पु . त्रास ; छळ ; गांजणूक जाच पहा . [ जाच ] 

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