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वैशाख मास

वैशाख मास

वैशाख महिन्यातील महत्वाचे सण - अक्षय तृतीया, बुद्ध पौर्णिमा.
Vaishakh is the socond month of Hindu calender.
The important festivals of Vaishakh month are - Akshay Trutiya, Buddha Paurnima

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  • The following story is told in the [Agni Purāṇa] about the origin of this very reputed sacred place at Gayā. An asura called Gaya was once performing tapas here. As the intensity of his tapas went on increasing, the Devas got nervous and they approached Viṣṇu with the request that he should save them from Gayāsura. Viṣṇu agreed to oblige them. Meantime the intensity of Gaya's tapas increased daily. Ultimately Viṣṇu appeared to Gaya and as requested by him granted him the boon to the effect that he would become more holy and sanctified than all the tīrthas in the world. Brahmā and other Devas became afraid of Gaya's power and prowess and they complained about him to Viṣṇu, who advised Brahmā to request Gaya for his body in order to perform a yajña. Brahmā did so and Gaya lay down on earth so that the Yajña might be performed on his body. Brahmā began the yajña on his head, and made an offering when the body of Gaya was not stationary or quiet. When told about this fact Viṣṇu called up Dharmadeva (See Marīci, Para 3) and told him thus: “You please hold devaśilā (a divine stone) on the body of Gaya, and let all the Devas sit upon it, and I shall be seated on the stone along with the Devas, holding the gadā (club) in my hands.” Dharmadeva did as he was bidden by Viṣṇu. The body of Gaya stopped shaking as soon as Viṣṇu sat upon the stone, and Brahmā made the full offerings. Thenceforth the place became a holy tirtha under the name Gayā. After the yajña was over Brahmā gave the Gaya temple 20,000 yards (5 Krośa) in extent with 55 villages attached to it as dakṣiṇā (fee) to the masters of the ceremony. Brahmā presented the villages to them after creating therein hills purely of gold, rivers flowing with milk and honey, houses built of Gold and silver etc. But the brahmins who got these gifts stayed on there, their avarice only on the increase perhaps. Angry at this Brahmā cursed the people of Gayā, and according to it the brahmins became illiterate and evilminded; rivers flowed with water instead of milk and honey. The brahmins lamenting over their evil fate submitted their grievances before Brahmā, who consoled them thus: Well, brahmins of Gayā, as long as there exist the sun and the moon you will continue to be dependent upon the Gayā tīrtha for your sustenance. Whoever comes to Gayā and gives offerings to you and performs the due rites for the souls of the departed, the souls of hundred generations of his ancestors will be transfered from hell to heaven where they will attain final beatitude.” Thus did Gayātīrtha become famous. [Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 144]. 

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