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  • Eight kinds of heroines of the stage:
    (1) Svādhīnapatikā.
    Fit to be a counterpart in a love scene and play the role of one who is always fondled by her husband.
    (2) Vāsakasajjikā (Vāsakasajjā).
    Adorning herself well and waiting for her lover in a well decorated bedroom.
    (3) Virahotkaṇṭhitā.
    Exhausted by the sorrow of separation from her lover.
    (4) Vipralabdhā.
    Cheated by her lover after fixing a date and a rendezvous.
    (5) Khaṇḍitā.
    Angered at the arrival of the husband in the early hours of the morning with suspicion about his character.
    (6) Kalahāntaritā.
    Repenting after having arrogantly disobeyed her husband.
    (7) Proṣitabhartṛkā.
    One who has gone weak and moody thinking about her husband in a foreign place.
    (8) Abhisārikā.
    One who approaches her husband with great passion. (Nāṭyakrama).

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