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KAṆIKA I(कणिक)

  • 1) General information.
    One of the ministers of Dhṛtarāṣṭra. He was a brahmin well-learned in Kūṭanīti (Diplomacy). The bad advice he gave to Dhṛtarāṣṭra became well-known as “Kaṇika's Kūṭanīti”.
    2) Kaṇika's Kūṭanīti.
    Once Dhṛtarāṣṭra asked Kaṇika how to conquer one's enemies by using the four methods of Sāma, Dāna, Bheda and Daṇḍa. Kaṇika replied: “Threaten the timid ones. Give respect to the brave and kill them by trickery. Give gifts to the greedy ones. If any one becomes your enemy kill him even if it be your father, preceptor, son, brother or friend. Never speak insulting words about others even when you are extremely angry. Never believe the faithful and unfaithful alike.
    ” 3) Kaṇika's story.
    Kaṇika justified his policy by means of the story of a fox who put into practice the four tricks to gain his end. Once there was a very selfish fox in a forest. He felt a desire to eat the flesh of a lion. For that end he made friends with a tiger, a rat and a mongoose. The fox advised the rat to gnaw the paws of the lion and make it lame. The tiger should then kill the lion. The lion was killed and the fox suggested that they could have a hearty meal of the lion after a bath. Everybody excepting the fox went for his bath and the fox stood watch over the carcass of the lion. First came the tiger after his bath. The fox looked worried and the tiger asked him the reason why. The fox said “Comrade, the rat says with arrogance that he it was that killed the lion. My pride does not allow me to eat what the rat claims to be his kill.” Hearing this the proud tiger left the place saying “Let me see whether I can kill my prey without the help of anybody.” Sometime later the rat came after its bath. The sly fox said “My friend, the mongoose says that the flesh of a lion is poison. It says “Let the rat eat it and die.” Hearing this the rat went its way. Then came the mongoose. The fox threatened it and it went away. The fox then ate the flesh of the lion by himself and was contented. Kaṇika then said that the Kings should use such tricks against their enemies. [Chapter 139, Ādi Parva].

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