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m malukdas

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  • A Brahmin who lived in the city of Karavīra. One day while Dharmadatta was going to the temple with material for pūjā he came across a demoness named Kalahā on the way. The brahmin threw the pūjā materials in his hand on to the face of the demoness. When a tulasī leaf touched the demoness she got back the memory of her previous birth. Kalahā then abandoned her cruel nature and begged Dharmadatta to advise her as to how she should get a release from her demonaic life. Taking pity on her Dharmadatta gave her all the ‘puṇya’ he had obtained by observing Kārttikavrata. [Chapters 106, 107, Uttara Khaṇḍa, Padma Purāṇa ];[ Chapters 2, 4, 24, 25 Skanda Purāṇa]. Dharmadatta and Kalahā were born as Daśaratha and Kaikeyī in their next births as a result of the accumulated Puṇya obtained by observing Kārttikavrata. [Sāra khaṇḍa, Ānanda Rāmāyaṇa]. 

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चातुर्मासाचे महत्व स्पष्ट करावे.
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