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  • The Tātiri tree (Grislea Tomentosa). The ceremony of worshipping this tree is called Damanakārohaṇavidhi. The Grislea tree is supposed to be Bhairava, who had been changed to a tree by the curse of Śiva. A story to this effect occurs in the Purāṇas. Bhairava was formed from the anger of Śiva. Bhairava, against the will of Śiva, destroyed the devas, and so Śiva cursed him and turned him to a Tātiri tree. It is called Damanaka because Bhairava tried to do ‘damana’ (restraint or punishment) to the gods. Bhairava felt sorry at the curse of Śiva. He requested Śiva to withdraw the curse. At last Śiva had pity on him and said that all would worship Damanaka tree. The method of that worship is called Damanakārohaṇavidhi. It is given below: This tree should be worshipped on the seventh or thirteenth lunar day. The worshipper should go to the tree, with those who recite mantras and spells. After the worship is over the worshipper should say, “O, Tree, which has originated by the power of Hari, you come to my presence. On behalf of Śiva, and by his order, I have to take you home.” Saying thus the tree should be taken home and consecrated in the evening in accordance with the rituals. In the house, the Sun, Śiva and Agni should be evoked and worshipped and then the root of the tree should be planted in the Īśāna (N.E. point) corner of the house and when it is planted, the spell or incantation of Vāmadeva Mantra or Śiromantra should be recited. In the same way the trunk with the branches of the tree is planted on the Northern part. The fallen leaves and flowers should be placed on the eastern side. When the root is planted the following prayer should be uttered: Āmantritosi deveśa prātaḥ kāle mayā prabho / Kartavyastapaso lābhāḥ Pūrṇaṁ sarvaṁ tavājñayā. // After that at dawn he should take bath and with oblations of sweet-smelling flowers etc. should worship Śiva. This is Damanakārohaṇavidhi. [Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 80]. 

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जन्मानंतर पाचवी पूजनाचे महत्व काय?
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