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    निळ्या आभाळवाटांनी पंख पसरुन एकेकटयाने किंवा थव्यांनी उडणारे पक्षी पाहताना मुलांच्या मनात येते, ’आपणही असे पंख पसरुन वार्‍यावर स्वार व्हावे.’
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  • A celestial maid. There is a story in [Mahābhārata, Ādi Parva, Chapter 220], describing how Vargā and her friends were changed into crocodiles and had to live in water for a long time. Once there lived an ‘apsaras’ (celestial maid) named Vargā in Devāraṇya. She had four friends called Saurabheyī, Samīcī, Budbudā and Latā. Once they were going to the house of Kubera their patron. On the way they saw a hermit. They saw the whole forest shining with the radiance of the power of penance of the hermit. They decided to entice the hermit somehow. With this intention they entered his hermitage. Seeing their dalliance and coquetry, the hermit got angry and cursed them to become crocodiles for a hundred years. They implored him with tears, for liberation from the curse. The hermit told them that in due course a noble man would come and get them out of water and that then they would obtain their original form. They walked towards a lake. On the way they saw Nārada. They told him everything. He told them. “On the coast of the southern ocean there are five tīrthas (holy baths) known as Agastya, Saubhadra, Pauloma, Kārandhama and Suprasanna. You may go to these lakes and live there as crocodiles one in each. In due course Arjuna, the son of Pāṇḍu will come and redeem you.” According to the words of Nārada the five celestial maids walked to the south and reached the Pañcatīrtha (the five holy baths) and each of them entered a lake as a crocodile. After this nobody dared to live near those holy baths. After some time Arjuna started on his pilgrimage. He passed through many places and reached the Pañcatīrtha. He enquired why the place was forsaken by people. The hermits told him that there was a crocodile in each of the five baths and that they would eat anybody who got into the bath. Arjuna got into a lake. Immediately a crocodile came and caught hold of him. With great difficulty he dragged it out of the lake. Instantly the crocodile changed into a beautiful damsel. The celestial maid Vargā told the amazed Arjuna her story and she added that her four friends were lying in the neighbouring four lakes. Arjuna redeemed every one of them. After this, Vargā and her friends went to Devāraṇya and Arjuna to Maṇalūra. From that day onwards the five tīrthas came to be known as Nārītīrthas. 

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