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ĀŚĀVAHA I(आशावह)

  • A son of Kaśyapa and Aditi. From Viṣṇu Brahmā, from Brahmā Marīci and from Marīci Kaśyapa were born. Kaśyapa married Aditi, daughter of Dakṣa. Aditi gave birth to ten sons: Bṛhadbhānu, Cakṣur- ātmā, Vibhāvasu, Ṛcīka, Savitā, Arka, Bhānu, Āśāvaha, Ravi and Vivasvān. Vaivasvata Manu was the son of Vivasvān. [M.B., Ādi Parva, Chapter 1, Verse 42]. 

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गणेशोत्सवाच्या काळात सत्यनारायण पूजा करावी काय? मग कोणती पूजा करावी?
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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
Hindu customs are all about Symbolism. Let us tell you the thought behind those traditions.
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