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See also ऋतूद्भव
वि.  आर्तवजनक ; ऋतु प्राप्त करुन देणारें ( औषध वगैरे ). [ सं . ऋतु + उद्भव ]

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  • Second of the four yugas. Kṛtayuga, Tretāyuga, Dvāparayuga, and Kaliyuga are the four yugas. There are three thousand deva-varṣas (divine years) in Tretāyuga. Śrī Rāma was born at the end of Tretāyuga. Tretāyuga came to an end in B.C. 867100. Śrī Rāma ruled the country for eleven thousand years. Daśa-varṣa-sahasrāṇi Daśa-varṣa-śatāni ca / Rāmo rājyamupāsitvā Brahmalokam prayāsyati. // [Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa]. (After serving his land for ten thousand years and another ten hundred years (ten thousand plus thousand years) Śrī Rāma will go to Brahmaloka). When Rāma took over the reins of administration he was only forty years old. See under Manvantara and yuga. (Classical Sanskrit Literature). 

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relatives kiva veh itar lokanchya divsache bhojan ghyave ka ?
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