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  • Son of Vikrama, King of Tāladhvaja. The Kriyā Khaṇḍa of Padma Purāṇa gives the following story about him. Mādhava desired to marry a beautiful and good-natured Kṣatriya girl named Candrakalā. She was not prepared for that and she informed Mādhava thus: “There is a princess in the island of Plakṣa named Sulocanā. She is far more beautiful than myself and is fit to be your consort. Do try to get her.” Mādhava accepted the advice of Candrakalā and started for the island of Plakṣa with a servant of his named Praceṣṭa. The news that welcomed him when he reached the island was that the marriage of Sulocanā had been fixed with one Vidyādhara. Undaunted Mādhava sent a love-letter to the princess mentioning his arrival in the city, seeking her hand in marriage. In reply to that Sulocanā wrote that if Mādhava appeared on the marriage-dais in time she would accept him as her husband. The marriage day arrived and Mādhava waited for the time of the function. But when the auspicious hour came Mādhava was asleep. Praceṣṭa, his servant, took advantage of the opportunity and carried away Sulocanā. But Sulocanā was determined to marry only Mādhava and she escaped from the custody of Praceṣṭa and reached the palace of a King called Suṣeṇa and stayed there as a servant wearing the robes of a male, calling himself Vīravara. Vīravara, i. e. Sulocanā in disguise, saved Vidyādhara and Praceṣṭa from committing suicide. At that time Mādhava also in despair was about to commit suicide when Sulocanā appeared before him in time and stopped him from doing it. Sulocanā then told him all that had happened and they were happily united as husband and wife. 

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हिंदू धर्मियांत विधवा स्त्रिया कुंकू का लावत नाहीत?
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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
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